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I'm a prop stylist who occasionally dabbles in wardrobe styling. I came to styling through my first love - photography - and found that my focus on detail was a huge asset to the world of styling. I’ve been working at it since 2011 in Chicago.

I believe that good preparation is the key to a successful photo shoot, and that the first step in solving most problems is to take a deep breath. I am organized and have a steady pace that flows. Nothing gives me more pleasure than the opportunity to get messy on set - playing in paint, artfully adding dirt, or making clothes look worn in. Either that or the simple joy of ironing table linens. I love to focus on the small details that tie a project together. My method is to get the job done efficiently. I want to support you.

I am usually in the middle of a good book and love mythology. I love freshly roasted coffee, need yoga, and have a weakness for beautiful textiles.

email: joanna.aloysia@gmail.com                             phone: 630.863.4858